CD Productions


When It Is Christmas

The classical singer Agnes Knoop recorded a new Christmas CD – ten songs and four spoken texts – from traditional to modern. She has been supported by the tenor Daniel Stüssi and a chilrdens’ choir.

September 2013


Manipur Nectar

Originally recorded 1994 in Manipur, a state in the Northeast of India, these unique bhajanas, kirtanas and instrumental pieces have been remastered and are now for the first time available as CD with a full-colour booklet.

1994 / 2013

Mercy Beaucoup - Nadia Brönimann

Merci Beaucoup!

Nadia Brönimann, a widelyl-known Swiss celebrity, expresses in her frist song her gratitude to the angels, who accompany and protect her in all aspects of life.

October 2010

For Our Friends

For Our Friends

A great variety of songs and spoken texts by many different artists express a life without the unnecessary killing of animals for our food. Thought-provoking and humorous as well.

October 2010

Use your Life Power

Use Your Life Power!

Martin Betschart is Switzerland's most renowned coach for companies and individuals to remarkably improve their qualities and success. His concepts are articulated in this refreshing song.

August 2010

There Is Another Way

There Is Another Way

Animals not only suffer in the slaugtherhouses, but also in the many and unnecessary laboratories for vivisection. There are proven alternatives where no animals have to suffer.

June 2010

Angels - Songs, Music and Poetry

Angels - Songs, Music and Poetry

Expressed by different artists, these songs, spoken texts and instrumental tracks on angels created an unique bouquet. May the angels be pleased by this combined effort!

December 2009/January 2010

Christmas Songs with Merete Amstrup

Christmas Songs with Merete Amstrup

It was a great pleasure to record these new Christmas songs with Merete. Her enthusiasm and her vocal skills make these songs a feast for the ears, heart and soul.

October 2009

Angels Are Real

It Is Everywhere...

Written for an "anti-littering song contest"– a duett – performed in a musical style. It is a plea for better taking care of our environment.

September 2009

Frozen Tears CD

Frozen Tears

Adventure, loyalty, friendship, tears, and how a promise becomes a touching musical song. Alaska and Iditarod are waiting...

Summer 2009

Angels Are Real

Angels Are Real

Different artists express their personal understanding of angels through songs, spoken texts with background music and instrumental parts.

Spring 2009

Children of the World CD

Children of the World

Put to music by Stephen Keeling, the composer of the Heidi Musical. Now newly arranged with flute, grand piano, guitars and other string instruments.

January 2009

Let Them Play CD

Let Them Play

A special composition for the opening ceremony of the 100th year jubilee of the World Vegetarian Congress in Dresden, Germany.

August 2008

Fest of Love CD

Fest of Love

An inspired Christmas poem becomes a touching Christmas song. The lead singer, Jeannine, is accompanied by a choir of twelve teenagers.

November 2007

Have a Heart CD

Have a Heart

An exclusive song for the World Animal Day on October 4, 2006. For the following year, we produced a special video clip for this event.

October 2006/2007

The Song Devine CD

The Song Divine

Five professional recordings made in London – five out of 21 songs. Together they served as the basis for a rock opera on the Mahabharata...

October 1998