The Art of Communication

In this three-part workshop we will get to know the many-facetted ways of communicating, and learn how to significantly improve our communication skills.

Part 1 offers an overview of the entire spectrum of communication. Different practical exercises from everyday life constitute part 2. In the last part, we evaluate together the strengths and weakness of our approach to communication, and learn how to implement these newly gained experiences successfully in the future.

This seminar can be done in one day, although a two-day (weekend) seminar is recommended.

Holistic Intelligence

Intelligence is still our most valuable asset – more important than money, beauty and fame. First we get to know the three kinds of intelligence (IQ, EQ, SQ). Then we learn through simple steps how to improve our mental fitness and our brain. The last part shows how to better integrate the different aspects of intelligence in our daily lives. A total of one day is required, although it is better to do it in two separate half-days.

Dharma – how to realize one’s purpose in life

Probably the most important, yet also most difficult, challenge is to realize and fulfil one’s personal purpose in life. We are all individuals with unique qualities and skills. The seminar offers the possibility to get to know our different natures (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) better, and understand both our external and internal dharma. The word dharma is Sanskrit and means “nature, purpose, duty, law, etc.” This seminar can be done in groups, but also in individual coaching. One half-day is ideal.



The oldest and probably also most complex of all world religions is Hinduism. This seminar includes a slide-show (“Journey Through Spiritual India”) and gives an overview of all important aspect of this often misunderstood religion: its origin, philosophy and theology, God and gods, scriptures, religious festivals, Hindu society and the most important terms and names in Sanskrit. Naturally, we will discuss the challenges of this ancient religion, as well. If possible, we will also visit a Hindu temple.

Ideal for teachers of religion, social workers, India travellers, and interested and spiritually inclined people of all sorts. Ideally as an evening or weekend seminar, divided into different parts.

The practical philosophy of the Bhagavad-gita

Even in the 21st century, the Bhagavad-gita has nothing lost of its enriching message. This timeless book of wisdom has not only inspired the people in India, but also an increasing number of people from all over the world, as it is a very practical guide to the different challenges we all face in our lives. The seminar helps us to implement this philosophy and wisdom in the busy world of today. A one or two-day seminar is ideal.


All seminars and workshops are focused on practical application in our everyday lives. Participants are expected to participate actively in the seminar. Everyone will receive summary sheets and working materials. Please bring pen and paper with you.


Dependent on the length of the seminar, place and work involved. Starting from CHF 200.-