„The text is always more important than the music. It needs depth and seriousness and has to deal with the great themes of our existence: love, life and death”.

Rick Rubin
Winner of several Grammy Awards as „Producer of the Year“

Lyrics Sample

Since the mid-90’s, I have written lyrics – poetry for songs. It is the art of expressing a message in only a few, well-chosen words that hit a sensitive spot. Poetry is concentrated language. It is not only demanding for the writer, but also for the reader or listener. The fewer words, the more challenging the job. It has to convince the mind and please the heart. Poetry requires resolve, determination and empathy in order to express the right message, the correct words, the proper sound (phonetics), metre and rhyme.

For me, the lyrics are the first dimension. The composer then supports, strengthens and enriches the text through music. In this way, the words receive deeper emotion, stimulate the memory, and so on. The second dimension is achieved when the text is sung, supported by musical instruments. One receives “the sound” from a CD, a record-player, I-Pod or something similar. The third dimension is the performance: people who sing it live, play instruments, dance. This dimension gives the text its maximum vitality and strength.

To write texts for songs is something beautiful. However, it also requires a lot of hard work. For me, it generally doesn’t take too long to bring the first draft to paper – stanzas, refrain, bridge. Yet the most demanding and time-consuming part is the fine-tuning, the attempt to bring it to “perfection” – something one always should strive for but rarely achieves.

Every person has strong and also weak aspects. For me, writing lyrics is certainly a part of my better side. I think I can say that without false pride, as over 40 of my texts have been put to music. A talent is a gift. Therefore, it should always be applied in a responsible and meaningful way.

I write lyrics about the following themes:

  • Love (happy, broken, wishful, etc.)
  • Emotions of all kind
  • The beauty and power of nature
  • Events like birthdays, Christmas, etc.
  • Life as a precious gift
  • Miracles, challenges
  • Fate
  • Vegetarianism
  • Death and Dying
  • Philosophical and metaphysical themes
  • God, spirituality

Librettos (manuscripts)

„Playing Life“; „Hidden for a Year“; „The Green Apple“; „The Storytellers“; „Draupadi’s Dharma“; „That’s it ... Life!“; „The Struggle of Light and Shadow“ – these are theatre manuscripts I wrote and which were successfully staged in recent years.

Back in 1998, I wrote a 70-page manuscript in English, a rock opera based on the Mahabharata, called „The Song Divine“, which was used to develop the Mahabharata Musical.

Costs for Lyrics

Upon request.