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Fotoshow Venice


An attempt to capture Venice's charm beyond the tourist's
"fast food" photo shots...

December 2009

Fotoshow Leukerbad


A visual journey through a picturesque mountain location in Valais, Switzerland, capturing nature’s beauty during the
many-colored autumn days.

October 2009

Fotoshow Teresa


Our model for the "Angels Are Real" CD cover.

Easter 2009

Fotoshow Cannobio


This journey takes us through the picturesque mountain and lake villages along the Italian part of Lago Maggiore.

October 2008

Fotoshow Böhmerwald

Boehmer Forest

This protected forest area in the Czech Republic shows the beauty and power of nature. The journey ends in the historical town Krumlov.

August 2008

Fotoshow Como


The lake of Como has been a residential area for Italy’s aristocrats for centuries. The many noble mansions and parks are the living proof of it.

October 2007

Fotoshow Guarda GR

Guarda GR

This small village in the eastern part of Switzerland called “Unterengadin” is a secret door to an idyllic, traditional and quiet mountain village.

September 2007

Fotoshow Via Bergaglia (Bergell GR)

Via Bergaglia (Bergell)

Near St. Moritz, an antique Roman path leads through mountains, villages and valleys to Chiavenna, a pretty town in Italy near the Swiss border.

August 2007

Fotoshow Savognin


Autumn in a well-known place in Switzerland’s “Canton Graubünden”: Gold-coloured trees, sleepy villages and naked rocks catch the eye.

September 2006

Fotoshow Best of

Best of

An small photographic overview from the hilly “Emmental“ to the waterfalls of Giessbach, to Italy’s Maremma region, and from Venice to Estonia...

2005 - 2009