Many Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for their great help and support:

  • Carsten Eichmann, my web designer and webmaster. Thanks to his professional know-how, his aesthetic taste, his patience and flexibility, this website became a reality.
  • Ronald Geiger, Tibor de Viragh and Bob Zanotti, who gave me important hints and valuable advice for the text.
  • Govinda Dasa for kindly creating the lovely “Gita Productions” logo.
  • Marcus Forlin who allowed me to photograph some of the musical instruments at Musik Hug AG, and use them for my website.
  • Specials thanks go to the photographers: Britta Winkowski (portrait Guido); René Clerc (seminar II); Achim Schlager (seminar I); Carsten Eichmann (Guido with camera); Patrick Gutter (Guido as master of ceremony); all other photos by Guido von Arx.
  • And last but not least – to all readers of this website! Without you, our endeavours would have no meaning. And thanks for your feedback!