My Photographic Perspective

Guido mit Fotokamera

With my pictures, I try to capture the unparalleled beauty of untouched nature. Whenever I take photos of objects created by human beings, they have to fulfil an artistic and natural aesthetic criteria.

I am, of course, aware that reality looks quite different. Industrial, technical and housing materials and structures made of steel, concrete, glass or plastic didn’t make our planet more beautiful. This is way I try to avoid these disturbing elements in my photographic work.

It is my wish that those who see my pictures will be inspired to actively help maintain all valuable art – whether created by nature or by human beings.


Remark: I have been registered as a professional photographer by Nikon Switzerland since 1996.


Photo (data) CDs with up to 300 pictures per theme, provided in the best resolution available, starting from CHF 80.-

Photo books with approx. 80 pictures: CHF 80.-