Frozen Tears

Dedicated to Tolstoi & Diggi

1) Join the world of frozen tears,
Of ice-cold feet and loyal peers,
Of a journey so long and hard –
Yet taken with a joyful heart.

2) You know what keeps us going –
Even though we are not knowing
If to bite our lips or weep –
Is a promise we have to keep.


Let’s move and don’t look back,
Let’s go and follow that icy track.
We are there with heart and soul,
And are sure to reach our goal.

3) Tolstoi and Diggi, two brave souls
Of fine husky breed, mark our goals.
They touched the hearts of all they met
But suddenly perished to our deep regret.

4) Befitting their dignity and grace,
They’ll partake in the last great race:
Alaska’s famous arctic Iditarod.
We’ll carry their ashes – so help us God.


Let’s move and don’t look back...


You know what a good team can do.
That’s why we all count on you!
With your good thoughts, a little prayer,
We will fulfil our cherished desire.


Let’s move and don’t look back...
repeat and fade out...

Swiss Iditarod Team Kurzportrait (PDF)

Lyrics: Guido von Arx
Music: Stephen Keeling
Vocals: Daniel Stüssi
Recording and mixing: Jürg Peter, Tonstudio Nord
Executive Producer: Guido von Arx, Gita Productions
Producer: Jaco Ulmann, Swiss Iditarod